These are the raid rules for our raiding teams.

When you confirm that you can attend a raid, make sure you are available 10 - 15 mins BEFORE the raid starts . 

You must have Item level of 845 to do Emerald Nightmare on normal.

If you have told us you will be coming our plans for the raid will include you. By not showing, you spoil it for the rest of your team. Raids take time and we don't want to waste the first 30 minutes waiting for people to arrive. If you are mid dungeon etc you will be expected to quit it to join us regardless of your position.

You must not in any way or form pug any other raids without asking or checking with your raid leaders first.

If you can't attend the entire raid, don't sign up. There are those of us that can run the whole time and having people drop out before hand or mid raid spoils it again for the rest of us if replacements can't be found.

If you do want to attend and know that you can't finish the raid, please inform your raid leader as soon as possible in advance of the raid. If the person replacing you doesn't show up you will both be dealt with accordingly.

If you confirm for a raid and do not show up and have not given anyone any reason for this through either Discord, the website forum, ingame mail or Mercyful Facebook or any other means if possible, we consider this a serious breach of guild trust and you will probably loose your raiding spot but we do undertsand real life issues and we allow for them.

If you have signed up as tentative for a raid, DO NOT complain if the raid starts without you. Tentative tells us that you might be able to attend. If for some reason someone else drops out of the raid and you are online you will be given first priority. If you do not show up at all after signing up as tentative, that is acceptible as you have already confirmed through the signing up as tentative that you can't be sure if you will be there.

If we are going to be taking on a new boss or you have not raided with us before, you MUST read up or watch videos on the tactics first. By not knowing the tactics and learning 'on the fly' you will be hindering the entire raid group by dying at silly points when you don't need to.

YOU MUST log in to Discord. We expect you to, at the very least, log in and listen to us in Discord even if you can't talk back. Your raid leader uses this to discuss tactics and give out instructions and, without Discord you will not be able to hear what is going on. If you do not use it you will NOT be allowed to raid . Anyone found not listening to instructions will be dealt with accordingly, which could lead to being removed as a raider.

DO NOT RESS anyone if they happen to die during a boss fight without the raid leaders permission. Healers and tanks get priority, along side top dps. 

Tome of the Tranquil mind is requierd to have on you during a raid if you intend to or will be changing talents.

You must have buff food and flask for your spec on you at all times. 

You must use DeadlyBossMods OR Bigwigs. Decursive if its applicable to your class. Any other addons that help in raids are recommended but not a must.

Gear will be on personal loot ......until we have to use roll then it will be main first offspec after etcetc.

These rules apply to everyone from members to officers. Anyone who breaks these will be spoken to at the first opportunity after the raid has finished. Please note that we will be keeping track of members who break these rules. Continual disregard of these rules will result in more serious punishment and possible ejection from the guild.


Boss Knowledge

There are many variations on tactics, so it is advisable to ask which method we use and also to get experienced peoples opinions on fights; it shows you are thinking and trying hard (this should be done well in advance of the raid team).

Also please note raid breaks are for you to have break and leave your computer get a drink (Toilet) we do not wish to wait around for people midd raid after wipes etc just becasue they have gone to get a drink because it makes everyone wait for you. However some minor breaks are fine such as Bio breaks if necessary.